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  • A reliable Shenzhen circuit board manufacturer
    2010-04 27-

    Presumably, everyone is familiar with circuit boards. Nowadays, circuit boards are widely used in high-end industries such as major communication electronics, medical equipment, and drones. Therefore, all major enterprises will choose reliable and high-quality circuit board manufacturers.

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  • Why should the pcb board file be converted to gerber data and then handle the board?
    2009-04 07-

    In the electronics industry, as long as it involves board file processing, most engineers are accustomed to designing PCB board files and sending them directly to the board factory.

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  • A good PCB board manufacturer---WMD Circuits
    2008-03 24-

    Circuit board production is one of the core tasks that many large-scale electronics production industries need to carry out. The completion of circuit board production quality and quantity is the most anticipated situation of major demand manufacturers.

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  • What information is needed for WMD Circuits PCB boards making?
    2008-03 09-

    ShenZhen WMD Circuits Ltd. is a pcb circuit board manufacturer. The main product types include through-hole double-sided pcb circuit boards, high-layer multi-layer precision circuit boards, blind buried-hole boards, high-frequency boards, thick copper foil boards, and hybrids.

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  • ShenZhen WMD Circuits Ltd.
    2018-08 09-

    established in 2002 in Shenzhen, has been playing a leading role as a professional manufacturer of all kinds of high precision PCBs in the past decades. We focus on prototype and small-to-medium volume jobs. With the ongoing investment in research....

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