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  • Pouzdani Shenzhen proizvođač ploča

    Presumably, everyone is familiar with circuit boards. Nowadays, circuit boards are widely used in high-end industries such as major communication electronics, medical equipment, and drones. Therefore, all major enterprises will choose reliable and high-quality circuit board manufacturers.

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  • Zašto bi PCB ploča bila pretvorena u gerber podatke, a zatim rukovala pločom?

    In the electronics industry, as long as it involves board file processing, most engineers are accustomed to designing PCB board files and sending them directly to the board factory.

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  • Dobar proizvođač PCB ploča --- WMD Circuits

    Circuit board production is one of the core tasks that many large-scale electronics production industries need to carry out. The completion of circuit board production quality and quantity is the most anticipated situation of major demand manufacturers.

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  • Koje informacije su potrebne za izradu PCB ploča WMD Circuits?

    ShenZhen WMD Circuits Ltd. is a pcb circuit board manufacturer. The main product types include through-hole double-sided pcb circuit boards, high-layer multi-layer precision circuit boards, blind buried-hole boards, high-frequency boards, thick copper foil boards, and hybrids.

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  • ShenZhen WMD Circuits Ltd.

    established in 2002 in Shenzhen, has been playing a leading role as a professional manufacturer of all kinds of high precision PCBs in the past decades. We focus on prototype and small-to-medium volume jobs. With the ongoing investment in research....

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