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  • The difference between HASL and HASL lead-free

    One of the commonly used processes for surface treatment of PCB boards is: HASL, also called "hot air leveling", which is an important process in the production of pcb circuit boards. The main soldering of pcb circuit boards is lead-free HASL. There are two types of lead-spray tin, which are also commonly used.

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  • Mitmed ühised pinnatöötlusmeetodid PCB plaadi prototüübile

    The surface treatment methods used in pcb board proofing are different. Each surface treatment method has its own unique characteristics. Taking chemical silver as an example, its process is extremely simple.

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  • Millised on eelised "peegelplaadi" kasutamisel PCB trükkplaatidel?

    In the electronic assembly manufacturing industry, there are two types of Mirror Boards that we generally call. The first type(Different side mirror board) is the reverse side mirror board, and the printed circuit board is the first.

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  • Rääkides mitmekihilise trükkplaadi allikast

    The increased concentration of integrated circuit packages leads to a high concentration of interconnects, which need the use of multilayer boards.

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  • Otsustades laua kvaliteeti PCB-plaadi värvi järgi

    General circuit board buyers always have doubts about the color of PCB circuit boards. They can't figure out what color line boards are good. Today, WMD circuit will explain the performance of PCB color on circuit boards. What is the impact?

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  • Elektroonilise teabe tootmise tööstus 2018i esimesel poolel

    In the first half of 2018, the electronic information manufacturing industry continued to maintain a steady growth trend. The growth rate of production and investment maintained a leading level in various industrial sectors.

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  • Padi nõuete rahvusvahelised standardid

    The 6118 standard of the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC International Eletrotechnical Commission recognizes the need for different targets for solder fillet or pad bump conditions. This new international standard confirms two basic methods for providing information on the development of pad shapes:

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  • ISO 14001: 2015 new standard officially released

    ISO 14001, the world's first widely adopted international standard for environmental management systems, has helped more than 300,000 organizations around the world improve their environmental performance. At present, the standard has undergone the first major revision since its official release in 1996.

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