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Why should the pcb board file be converted to gerber data and then handle the board?

Čas: 2009 04--07

In the electronics industry, as long as it involves board file processing, most engineers are accustomed to designing PCB board files and sending them directly to the board factory. The most popular method in the world is to convert PCB files into GERBER files and After the drilling data is designed and sent to the PCB factory, why should we"do more?"

Because electronic engineers and PCB engineers have different understandings of PCBs, the GERBER files converted from the PCB factory may not be what you want. If you define the parameters of the components in the PCB file when designing the PCB drawings, you don't want these. The parameters are displayed on the finished PCB. You have not explained it. The PCB factory has left these parameters on the finished PCB according to the gourd painting. This is just an example. This can be avoided if you convert the PCB file to a GERBER file yourself. The GERBER file is an international standard lithography format file, which includes RS-274-D and RS-274-X formats. RS-274-D is called the basic GERBER format and must be accompanied by a D code file. A complete description of a graphic; RS-274-X is called the extended GERBER format, which itself contains D code information. Commonly used CAD software can generate these two format files.

Drilling data can also be generated by various CAD software. The general format is Excellon; without drilling data, of course, PCB can not be produced.

Gerber file suffix meaning


GBL---bottom layer

GTO---top silkscreen

GBO---bottom silkscreen

GTP---TopPaste (for laser template)


GTS---Top solder mask

GBS---Bottom Solder

G1--- internal trace layer 1

G2--- internal wiring layer 2





GM1---Mechanical layer 1

GM2---Mechanical layer 2



GG1-- drilling guide layer

GD1---Drill Drawing

GPT---Top pad Master

GPB---Bottom pad Master

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