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What information is needed for WMD Circuits PCB boards making?

Čas: 2008 03--09

ShenZhen WMD Circuits Ltd. is a pcb circuit board manufacturer. The main product types include through-hole double-sided pcb circuit boards, high-layer multi-layer precision circuit boards, blind buried-hole boards, high-frequency boards, thick copper foil boards, and hybrids. Laminate, metal substrate, mixed dielectric board, HDI board, flexible circuit board, rigid-flex board, etc.

The information required to make the circuit boards as following:

1. PCB board data ( drawing of circuit board)

2. Proces:

Surface treatment process: immersion gold, HASL, OSP, etc. (select one)

Solder mask color: sensitive dark green, light green, blue, white, red , black, etc. (select one)

Silkscreen color: white, black, etc. (select one)

Board thickness: 0.2mm, 0.5mm,0.8mm etc. (select one)

Base material: FR-4, metal substrate (select one)

Copper thickness: 0.5oz=17.5um, 1oz=35um, 1.5oz=55um, 2oz=70um etc. (select one)

3. The quantity which you need.

4. Payment method

WMD Circuits Ltd., is looking forward to working with you to have more exchanges and better services.

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