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What are the benefits of using "Mirror Board" on PCB printed circuit boards?

Čas: 2016 12--15

In the electronic assembly manufacturing industry, there are two types of Mirror Boards that we generally call. The first type(Different side mirror board) is the reverse side mirror board, and the printed circuit board is the first. One side is on the same side of the other side of the other board; the other type(Same side mirror board) is the Same side mirror board with the same side but the left side upside down, such as the typesetting of pdpd .

Printed circuit board manufacturers will recommend the use of (Mirror Board) design for two reasons:

1. Can make full use of the advantages of SMT long line to achieve greater efficiency

The overall efficiency of an SMT is good. Just look at whether there is a machine in the idle. If you can make a time when there is no machine at all, then we can say that the efficiency of this SMT line is reached. 100%.

But is it so simple to achieve 100% efficiency? As SMT machines become faster and faster, SOC (System On Chip) parts are becoming more and more popular, and there are fewer and fewer parts on a printed circuit board, but no solder paste printing machine is seen (Solder paste printing machine).There is a long-term speed improvement, so now many SMT line bottlenecks appear in the solder paste printing machine, that is, the solder paste printing machine has no rest, while other more expensive machines are waiting.

To put it this way, suppose that the time for printing a solder paste steel plate is about 20 seconds (depending on the length of the print), and it is assumed that the pick & place that follows it takes less than 20 seconds. Finished, the time left for this machine is wasted, which is equivalent to buying a high-class Ferrari sports car, but it stops in the garage, because every one on SMT Machines are very expensive, so make the most of their value and don't let them have any time to make money.

Therefore, some people have come up with the use of panelization to increase the use time of the device, so as to greatly improve its efficiency; but it can not let the solder paste press empty, so there is a positive The reversed yin and yang plaques appear, so that the same side of the board can appear more different parts at the same time, so that there are many SMT long lines that can play the role of the machine.

Another important purpose is to make the upper and lower parts as long as one line can be completed, without wasting time for changing lines.

2. It can save the board of printed circuit board, which is to improve the efficiency of panelization and save costs.

The general printed circuit board manufacturers have a large number of production and low-cost, usually buy some basic standard size plates, such as 16.16"x16.16", 18.32"x18.32", 20.32" X20.32"...etc. Some may also only purchase a larger amount of substrate size than the full range.

For some circuit boards that are not square shape, the design of the yin and yang boards can have the opportunity to squeeze one or two circuit boards into the same circuit board, which can improve the efficiency of the board and achieve cost savings. .

Because the price of the printed circuit board is calculated based on the substrate usage rate, if the same size substrate is used, the A design can only produce one circuit board, and the B design can produce two circuits. The price of the board and board A will be twice that of the board B.

It is a pity that although the use of (Mirror Board) has the advantage of increasing efficiency and saving costs, the design of these two types (Mirror Board) has its own shortcomings and limitations.

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