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Posuzování kvality desky z barvy desky plošných spojů

Čas: 2014 07--06

General circuit board buyers always have doubts about the color of PCB circuit boards. They can't figure out what color line boards are good. Today, WMD circuit will explain the performance of PCB color on circuit boards. What is the impact?

First, the PCB is mainly to provide interconnection between electronic components. Color is not directly related to its performance. The difference in color does not affect the electrical performance. The performance of the board is determined by factors such as the material used, the layout and the number of layers of the board. However, in the process of making a circuit board, black is the most likely to cause chromatic aberration. If the raw materials and manufacturing processes used by the circuit board factory are slightly deviated, the defect rate of the PCB circuit board will increase due to chromatic aberration. This will increase production costs.

Second, the raw materials of the circuit board are very common in our lives. It is composed of glass fiber and resin. The two kinds combine to harden to form a board that is insulated, insulated, and not easily bent. This is the board substrate. Generally, if a PCB substrate made of glass fiber and resin is not able to transmit signals, we will cover the surface with a layer of copper, so we also call the PCB substrate a copper clad circuit board.

Since the black PC board's circuit traces are difficult to identify, it will increase the difficulty of repair and debugging during the R&D and after-sales phases. Generally, if there is no brand of RD (R&D) designers and powerful maintenance teams, it will not be easy to use black. PCB board. It can be said that the use of black PCB board is a brand's confidence in the RD design and the post-maintenance team. From the side, it is also a manifestation of the manufacturer's self-confidence.

Based on the above reasons, major manufacturers will carefully consider the PCB design when selecting products. Therefore, most of the products that were shipped in the market in the past were red PCB boards, green PCB boards or blue PCB boards. Only in the middle and high-end or top flagship products can the black PCB board be seen, so customers should not I think the black PCB board is better than the green PCB board.

ShenZhen WMD Circuits Ltd. is a pcb circuit board manufacturer. The main product types include through-hole double-sided pcb circuit boards, high-layer multi-layer precision circuit boards, blind buried-hole boards, high-frequency boards, thick copper foil boards, and hybrids. Laminate, metal substrate, mixed dielectric board, HDI board, flexible circuit board, rigid-flex board, etc.

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